Perchloric Fume Hood

Perchloric Fume Hood

basic fume hood


Apzem Perchloric Fume Hood is manufactured for handling hot perchloric acid, hot nitric acid, or for routine use of perchloric acid. It does not handle other acids like sulfuric acid, organic acids , acetic acid, organic solvents, or any combustible materials in perchloric acid fume hoods.

Our perchloric fume hood is constructed with stainless steel internal surfaces and a wash-down system of water spray nozzles dispersed throughout the hood. When heated, perchloric acid vaporizes and condenses on hood, duct and fan components. In addition to being condensed vapors can react with hood gaskets highly corrosive, greases and other collected materials to form explosive perchloric salts and esters. Therefore stainless steel surfaces enhance high cleanability and effective water wash-down removes any explosive compounds that might have formed on the internal surfaces of the hood.

Key Benefits:

  1. Energy saving is high
  2. Full u-PVC interior
  3. High containment
  4. Front is slope
  5. Very good protection against acids


  1. SOur product gives maximum robustness.
  2. Sash and chain support.
  3. Superior chemical resistance which is ensured by U-PVC
  4. Light intensity is ambient conditions. Hood lighting is pre-wired and it is energy efficient, instant start.
  5. By using poly vinyl chloride the U-PVC internal chamber is constructed.

Safety Features:

  1. Sash key lock allows laboratory manager to restrict access to the fume hood.
  2. The laboratory manager or safety officer to restrict operations at sash openings is made when the sash creep-down mechanism can only be disabled with a key, this is the main beauty of the sash of our product.
  3. Sash stop limits sash movement beyond its normal height which 'encouraging' user to work at safe positions.
  4. The beauty of our product is that without sacrificing visibility the sash handle gently direct air into the hood.
  5. Elimination in backflow and reducing turbulence near the work surface level is done by the maximum airflow from the foil.
  6. Thermal Heat Relief is quickly achieved.
  7. Shaping vanes increase airflow "sweep" at the critical area at the sidewall to improve containment, especially when laboratory personnel walk fast in front of the hood.
  8. Sash is designed from polycarbonate in order to prevent from hydrochloric acid fume etching.
  9. When the fume hood is fault, restrict access to equipment set up in the hood or facility shutdown then the sash can also be locked down in the fully closed position with the key.
  10. Perchlorate salts deposit on the baffles wil be washed away by wash down system behind the baffles.
  11. To maintain the water pressure constant in wash down system we have installed the water down system.

Fume Hood Accessories

Apzem manufacturers and supplies large number of Basic fume hood accessories like exhaust blower,fume hood scrubber,fume hood monitor for different applications.


  1. Chain and sprocket system requires minimal service
  2. Removable baffle system allows cleaning inside the hood
  3. Stainless steel interior chamber allows easy cleaning of surface

Safety Tested:

  1. Wash down system is tested to ensure the area behind baffle is washed
  2. Sash is clearly labeled with all operating instructions and illustrations.
  3. Each Apzem Perchloric fume hood is tested to make sure it complies with ISO 9001-2008 Standards.


The Apzem Basic Fume Hood is warranted for 1year with the consumable part and accessories.


Product Manual

product manual

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User Manual

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