Fume Hood Scrubber

Fume Hood Scrubber

fume hood


The water soluble chemical present in the laboratory fume exhaust fume which provide excellent air pollution control by using Apzem scrubber.The more and more laboratory fume hood designer and facility operators are considering the use scrubber for their fume hoods in order to control the emission and quality of exhaust fumes from the large industries and chemical laboratories. This as been increased emphasis on laboratory operator safety and also the environment concerns like environmental health and protection the government as taken strict rule to control exhaust fumes.

Our product is manufactured to save space, as well as provides excellent air pollution control and operator safety protection for fume hoods. Apzem fume hood scrubber are optimally designed for perchloric acid fume hoods, so as to protect from explosive perchlorate salts on the exhaust ducting system as well as exhaust fan.

Good removal efficiencies:

The 95-98% efficient for base laden airstreams and for most water soluble acid is done by counter-current liquid/gas.


The mist eliminator counted on top of fume hood, pump, spray manifold, packing and reservoir in the base cabinet. This ensure that minimal extra space is need for the scrubber system.


Entire body of scrubber system made of chemical and corrosion resistant polypropylene.