Fume Hood Monitor

Fume Hood Monitor

fume hood


Fume hood monitor provides a higher level of fume hood energy efficiency and safety by controlling and measuring the face velocity. Fume hood are primary source of protection in laboratories. The face velocity is used to the performance of a fume hoods ability to contain and exhaust the harmful vapors.

Safety Features and Benefits:

  1. Easy wiring and installation
  2. The detailed fume hood information is viewed by large display of the system.
  3. Reduces laboratory air flow usage, optimizing energy savings
  4. Controls fume hood face velocity to provide containment and safety
  5. Fast-acting actuator provides containment during sash movements
  6. Easy configuration using keypad or configuration software
  7. Surface or flush mount options available
  8. Visual, audible and remote alarms warn users of unsafe condition.


  1. Life Science and Pharmaceutical
  2. Research laboratories
  3. Healthcare Facilities.
  4. Universities and Academic