Ductless Fume Hood

Ductless Fume Hood

basic fume hood


Apzem fume hoods gives solution for containing chemical fume hazards; a carbon filtration fume hood, may be supplied or installed directly onto the laboratory bench.

Ductless Fume hoods are constructed to provide personnel protection from toxic or volatile chemicals by continuously delivering airflow away from the user to the work environment. Ductless Fume hoods reduce exposure hazard to personnel, including contaminant concentrations at the edge of the sash. Our ductless fume hoods designed to provide protection from radiological hazards.


Ductless Fume hood provide protection to laboratory staff when undergoing testing ,experimentation, or hazardous air processes that release fumes, smoke , particles, vapors or gases. By using chemical filter the hazardous compounds are retained and clean air is return back to the laboratory. The impure odors and others containment are removed by operating chemical fume hood within the laboratory. It freshens up the environments, improves the wellbeing of laboratory personnel, making it a safer, and more pleasant place to work.

Safe for the Environment:

The filtration based system completely eliminate the release of hazardous compounds into the environment.

Energy Saving

The conventional fume hood consume air-conditioned air in the which is ducted away. The main energy consumption of the Apzem ductless fume hood is by the fan which creates the airflow and which save the cost of heating or cooling air for your laboratory.

Fume Hood Accessories

Apzem manufacturers and supplies large number of Ductless fume hood accessories like exhaust blower,fume hood scrubber,fume hood monitor for different applications.


An important feature of Ductless fume hood is their portability and comfortabilty; they can be moved easily to wherever laboratory procedures are to be undertaken.

Safety Tested:

  1. Sash is clearly labeled with operating instructions and illustrations.
  2. Each ductless Fume Hood is tested by ISO 9001-2008 Standard.


The Apzem Ductless Fume Hood is warranted for 1year with the consumable part and accessories.


Product Manual

product manual

Service Manual

service manaul

User Manual

user manual


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