Basic Fume Hood

Basic Fume Hood

basic fume hood


The Apzem Basic Fume Hood is a proven solution for chemical laboratories needing a containment device. It involve features such as back baffle design, high operator safety, sloped front and offering comfort designs to the user needs.

Key Benefits:

  1. Ships unassembled
  2. Clean looking viewpoint
  3. Sloped front
  4. Ships unequal.

Super features:

  1. Service fixture easily installed on the front panel by using both single walled/double wall constructions in our products. Easy adaptability to any work surface.
  2. According to the simple assembly procedure means immediate utilization upon the delivery.
  3. Standard service fixture which include the gas fixture, electrical outlet and water fixture.
  4. Inhibits of bacterial growth and the contamination on the surface of cabinet is prevented by antimonial, and isocide coating.


Inner workspace made by integral work walls.

Extremely user friendly:

Our Design Engineers manufacture the fine control utility fitting while constructing the product.

Fume Hood Accessories

Apzem manufacturers and supplies large number of Basic fume hood accessories like exhaust blower,fume hood scrubber,fume hood monitor for different applications.

Safety Certified and Tested:

All Apzem Basic fume hoods are manufactured for the most demanding laboratory applications.

  1. Sash is clearly labeled with operating instructions and illustrations.
  2. Each ductless Fume Hood is tested by ISO 9001-2008 Standard.


The Apzem Basic Fume Hood is warranted for 1year with the consumable part and accessories.


Product Manual

product manual

Service Manual

service manaul

User Manual

user manual


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